Inner Peace and the Logic of the Heart

When we are in a state of Inner Peace, we can relate to our feelings and the world in a way that is grounded in both truth and empathy. Usually, our feelings are of a personal nature, i.e. they let us experience the world from a subjective standpoint. In fact, one purpose of our feelings is to allow us to experience being an individuality separate from the world. The meaning of individuation is that we first undergo separation and then return to the world as individualities with freedom, empathy, and truth. If instead we get stuck too deep in the feeling-based subjectivity, we, our feelings, and the world suffer.

Logic of the Heart is a way of working with our feelings and helping them to find balance. We first acknowledge and pacify our subjective emotions, so that the soul can open to feelings of a spiritual nature: empathy, truth, harmony, meaning. These are transpersonal, or spiritual, feelings that can only fully be felt once the personal feelings are balanced and thus no longer at the forefront of our experience.

The first step consists in fully acknowledging and getting to know a feeling that is currently present in us. Through this, we experience a kind of separation from the feeling–I realize that I am here and the feeling is there, like a vis-à-vis. And if I then feel what arises inside of me, perhaps at the same spot where the previous feeling was, I can notice a process that is like a balancing or healing substance for the first feeling. Again I stay present to get to know it completely until it is also fully in my awareness and “in front of me.”

This is what we call “balancing feelings.” The result is a state in which neither the first feeling nor its complement dominates the soul’s experience. Instead, the transpersonal feelings can arise and open my soul to a very different way of looking at myself and the world. One can say that I am now able to perceive the world for what it actually is instead of what my personal feelings make it look like.

The spiritual world is one of the worlds that can now be experienced more objectively. Therefore, the Logic of the Heart and the resulting state of Inner Peace can serve as the first step on a spiritual path that recognizes that everyone today can gradually prepare their soul for a wholesome and fruitful entry into this world.