Ways to Social Healing
Basic Methods

About this book

Ways to Social HealingBasic Methods is a compilation of lectures, book excerpts, and practice guides that can be useful to those who are seeking ways to harmonize their relationships with themselves, others, and their environment. The book contains practical, step-by-step elaborations of the anthroposophical path laid out by Rudolf Steiner in How to Know Higher Worlds and other works. A practitioner can use the methods described here to find practical solutions that have a healing effect on different life problems.

The ability to arrive at Inner Peace is a necessary preparation for any meditation work. The book provides detailed explanations and guides for a practice called Logic of the Heart, which anyone can use to separate from their soul experiences and arrive at a place of inner stillness and objectivity. From this state of inner stillness, we can encounter beings in the spiritual world and find their true names and intentions. Only once we have found our higher self in the spiritual world can we discern our individual karmic tasks and find the free and healing impulses to work on them. This encounter with the true self also gives us the capacities we need to make these impulses effective in our lives and the world.

Readers of this book are encouraged to seek out groups working with these methods and to practice them with others who have more experience with them.

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