There are seven 3½ intensive courses and a preparatory curriculum. The latter can be learned and practiced over a period of time or in the form of a 3½ course. Please reach out via the contact page if you would like to know more.

Preparatory Course for Spiritual Awakening

This is a 3½ day course in practicing meditative methods leading to a deeper understanding of other beings through empathy, finding one’s own higher I, perceiving and fulfilling one’s karmic tasks. We will practice these seven steps:

  1. Separation: Learning to detach from one’s subjective perspective
  2. Logic of the Heart: Learning to order one’s feelings and uncovering one’s sense for truth
  3. Practicing Empathy
  4. Dialog with spiritual beings
  5. Meeting one’s higher self
  6. Manifesting free impulses (the Zodiac meditation)
  7. Bringing it all together

Intensive Course 1
Awakening to the Supersensible and Elemental world

In this 3½ day course we will learn and practice methods to awakening to the supersensible and elemental world. Prerequisites: Participation in the preparatory course or equivalent experience.

Intensive Course 2
Purification of the Soul

In this 3½ day course, we will continue our study and practice of methods for awakening to the supersensible and elemental world, as well as higher worlds. We will learn and practice the purification of the soul through the remaining three elements, the corresponding ethers, and moral substances.

Intensive Course 3
Grounding and the relationship between the higher worlds and the world of the senses

Intensive Course 4
Working as a group from the higher worlds into the world of the senses

Intensive Course 5
Healing word and healing speech

Intensive Course 6
Healthy social organisms

Intensive Course 7
The layers of the earth and detoxification