Letter by A.T.

Dear friends,

Crete is a place where, similar to Ireland, the forces of the so-called geographical double are neutralized. The geographical double is a being that strengthens human egoism and complicates and pollutes work with nature and the elemental world. The neutralization of the geographical double on Crete means that the etheric-elementary world of the island behaves neutrally towards humans, in contrast to other areas where working with the elements and nature can be made difficult by the local demons.

The aim of our seminar will be to rediscover the so-called powers of Vril, as described in Bulwer-Lytton’s book: “Vril – or a Humanity of the Future”. R. Steiner describes the application of these forces in his book “From the Akashic Chronicle.” The Atlanteans instinctively knew how to use the Vril force (the descendants of the Atlanteans, the ancient Chinese, called this force “Tao”) to influence plant growth, shape nature, build and control flying airships, shape and make houses using plant growth, heal people and do many other things. The myth of Daedalus, who built a flying machine, indicates that Daedalus was an Atlantean initiate who knew the art of Vril application. The myth also tells that Daedalus built the labyrinth on Crete where the Minotaur was imprisoned. The Minotaur is the representative of the black magical forces of egoism that abuse Vril and was defeated by Theseus on Crete. This is an indication of the fact that those forces of elementary nature that strengthen egoism in humans – and which R. Steiner calls the forces of the geographical double – are neutralized on Crete. The abuse of the Vril power by egoism ultimately led to the downfall and sinking of Atlantis. But Crete, like Ireland, survived the destruction of Atlantis. Crete is now a place where a person practicing meditation can rediscover the true path to the Vril power and Vril capacity without being seduced by the geographical double.

However, one must remember that for this path, the egoistic will of the individual human being must be overcome through individual efforts of  purification. The fact that we live at a time where humanity is destined to rediscover the power of Vril is related to the development of humanity and the spiritual awakening  of consciousness in our present. Many of our friends who have been actively working with the elementary world and other substances feel faced with the task of applying the abilities they have acquired in their professional lives. The process of embodying the acquired spiritual capacities happens in several steps:

  1. Discovering the corresponding abilities within oneself and experiencing their effectiveness. This can be achieved, for example, by taking part in the intensive course series. (The absorption of the corresponding abilities into the I – body).
  2. Penetrating the astral body with the powers of the new abilities by regularly practicing alone and in groups.
  3. Applying the acquired abilities in the form of life adventures in order to transform the habit body – i.e. etheric body – according to the new abilities.
  4. As adventures become a way of life, the physical body is slowly and gradually rebuilt accordingly.
  5. By exercising the new skills as a vocation in the outside world, one can speak of building a hut in the sense of R. Steiner.
  6. When some of the hut builders unite to carry out common activities and tasks, one can speak of building a settlement.
  7. By holding the increased power of the spirit against the materialistic consciousness of our time, we can rescue and preserve the fruits of the previous development from our culturally sinking continent for the future, and our Michaelic age can thus fulfill its task.  

It should also be mentioned here that Noah or Melchizedek, the founders of a new culture after the sinking of Atlantis, had the intention of making the Vril power accessible to people through a new spiritual consciousness.

That would be the new Noah’s Ark.


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