Intensive Course 2: Purification of the Soul and Grounding

March 2-5, 2023

Thursday, March 2-Sunday, March 5, 2023

Thursday: 2:30 pm-6:00:pm

Friday-Sunday: 10 am-7 pm

Location: 108 Greenwood Avenue, San Rafael, CA 

Prerequisites: Intensive Course 1

Fee: $350-$450 (Sliding Scale)

Checks can be made out to “Serving Social Healing”

RSVP via the Contact page

In this 3½ day course, we will continue our study and practice of methods for awakening to the supersensible and elemental world, as well as higher worlds. We will learn and practice the purification of the soul through the remaining three elements, the corresponding ethers, and moral substances. Please only attend if you are able to participate in all units and can arrive on time.